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What is visual vernacular?

Visual vernacular is a form of art which combines Sign Language, mime, poetry and cinematographic techniques: long shots, close-ups, and panorama. The performer assumes the perspective of each character and aspects of the setting. That why the performer adopt role shifting between the subject and the object, shifting the different roles as the story goes along.

"The performer remains all the time within the film frame, so to speak, presenting a montage of cross-cuts and cutaway views" (Bernard Bragg)

Virtual Reality World (with artists from several countries)

> Ace Mahbaz

Game Over
A Night in Gotham
Morning Glory

> Amina & Jamila Ouahid

Unexpected Moment
I am not alone!

> Andrey Dragunov


> Austin Andrews

Deaf Ninja

> Bernard bragg

Eagle and Squirrel
The Pilot and the Eagle

> Don Marco Kulathunga (DMK)

> Douglas Ridloff

The Noblest Gift

> Edyta Kozub

> Erwan cifra

Lion Missed
Natural Disasters
Saint Valentin

> Giuseppe Giuranna

Music in the Car
Music in the Car (Duo)

> Guy Bouchauveau

> Hilde Verlhelst


> Ian Sanborn

Tick Tock
The Trout

> Javier Peña

(with two deafblind people)

> Joel Ortiz

The Rebirth of a Tree
A Giant Poop
Water Flow

> Julia Pelhate

Our Future?

> Justin Perez

Eagle and Soccer Champion
Surfer Story

> Nicola Della Maggiora

The Innate Talent

> Petre dobre

Car Chase

> Renata Rezende

The Cat & The Fly

> Walter Dimarco

Coronavirus COVID-19

> Yoshida Mari 茉莉

August 6, 1945: atomic bombing dropped

> Zoë McWhinney

Power of Sign Language
My Visual Vernacular